Project Life

Project Life questions, answers, and rambling

I’ve had several people ask me about my project life pages and how I work on my album. Here are my answers broken down by section.

Weekly Spreads
Each week gets it’s own spread. My weeks run Sunday through Saturday. Each Sunday, I sit down and go through all my photos and ephemera for the week prior, and edit photos as needed and finalize my layout. I send them off to print at Walgreens(they are cheap and convenient), pick them up an hour later and finish my page. I use exclusively Design A protectors for my weekly spreads, with the Cobalt Core kit. I keep my date card in the top left for consistency as well. For inserts, I use a mix of Becky Higgin’s page protectors, miscellaneous page protectors from Amazon, and some custom sized page protectors that I made using my sewing machine. I have the big envelope pages to use as well, but nothing featured in them yet.

Photos vs. Ephemera

My balance of photos vs. ephemera(or ‘stuff’) just depends on the week. I try to include some journal cards for everything so I know just why it’s in my album in 20 years. I take my photos using my Canon Rebel XS or my iPhone. Sometimes I include screenshots from the computer, phone, or images I find off the internet that pertain to the week(Olympics, etc).

Like I said earlier, each Sunday I sit down to complete the previous week.

However, I keep my album out daily along with a stack of stickynotes, and add notes during the week for ideas of what I want to include.

All my ‘essentials’ for project life are kept in two rubbermaid totes right near my desk most of the time.

The top box is mostly empty, as it holds my album when its not on the desk, tripod for my camera, envelopes for storing day to day ephemera, and some page protectors.
The bottom box is packed- on the right hand side is my stack of cardstock(that matches the kit, plus basic black, white, and kraft), page protectors, and alpha stickers. On the left hand side is my Core Kit box, corner rounder, two kinds of adhesive, a bag of various pens(slickwriters, sharpies in multiple tips, acid free fun pens), my date stamp, paper trimmer, ink pad, and a bunch of washi tape.
There are various other supplies I have used so far(glitter, stickers, pop dots) but I don’t consider them essential to my weekly album, so they stay in their assigned spots with the rest of my craft supplies. I know this list of ‘essentials’ will definitely change through the months I do this album- and even years, as I can see doing this for a very long time.

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