Project Life

Week 1

Credits listed on Flickr. Please leave a comment here if you have any questions!
01 Week L

I wanted to include the documentation of the wrap up of my December Daily and Project Life 2012 albums, but not have too much, so decided to go with a screenshot of the Project Life Flickr albums. I also played around a lot with adding a bit of fun to things with stamps and paint misters.

01 Week insert front

We had an epic snowstorm in El Paso this week and I had fun taking the same photos every few hours to show the snow progress. I threw in a few other photos taken during the time as well to show the fun we had with this weather we haven’t experienced in almost a decade. I printed them at 2×2 and added them to a coin collector page.

01 Week insert back

01 Week R down

One of the things visible on this page is my first quote card. I have a quote for every week of this year revolving around my One Little Word(more to come on that in the coming week). I also included one of the cute glassine envelopes and the business card from the custom flair I received this week.

01 Week R up

I had more photos than I could fit in of Maggie vs. the car so I decided to try making a flip pocket. I love how it turned out and will definitely be doing this technique again.

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