Project Life

Project Life- Week 6

This week I decided to change up my title cards thanks to a new release from Nettio Designs. I even went back and changed all my earlier weeks because I loved them so much. I am using a series of papers from Miss Tiina for the patterns- her Everyday collection and the Live Free Love Life collection as well. I love the versatility I get from these patterns in the amount of color they add.
06 Week L1

Sunday of this week was the superbowl, and it was full of interesting events so it got documented. We spent a lot of time playing Lego Star Wars while camped out on the living room floor as well, and tried a new favorite recipe for pot roast too.
06 Week R1

We started up our netflix disc subscription again, I won a Silhouette portrait from Eighteen25, and work was completely chaotic.


And that wraps up this week. Super simple after the chaos of January. For full credits, click on the photos to be taken to my Flickr page.

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