Project Life

Project Life- Week 7

This week was Valentine’s Day week.

07 Week L1

Super simple again. Used my Nettio Designs title cards, screenshots from a new app I was playing with instead of sleeping, and decided to make a cake on 30 seconds notice.

Also this was when I subscribed to Cocoa Daisy and began receiving their monthly paper scrapbooking kits. My new baby, the silhouette, arrived too!


07 Week r1

Instead of going out to eat on Valentine’s day, we stayed home and at appetizers- potstickers and bacon potato rounds- and took a big piece of the yummy ombre cake.

The weather here is starting to warm up as well so we put some effort into yard work too. The botttom left card is actually clipped on top of the page protector using a super cute freckled fawn arrow clip.

and a closer look at what is behind the bottom left card. The QR code leads to my Flickr set for the project.
07 Week r2


You might have noticed that I was trying for a printed weekly review card for the last few weeks, but I have decided I really don’t love how it turned out. It lacks the personal touch handwriting brings for me. Starting next week I will be back to hand writing my cards

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