I Choose Challenge · One Litttle Word

Finally revealing…

Before Christmas I signed up for Elise Blaha’s class at BPC for I Choose. I decided I wanted to tie mine in to my OLW and have 4 mini goals every month. I didn’t originally post pictures of the goals because..well, because I know I don’t always follow through. But I’ve now made it through two months and am starting on month 3, so it’s time for public accountability. So today I rewrote my goals down on the board so I could share them publicly since the original photos had work documents in them and I can’t show those 🙂


  • Try a new Recipe- Done! Amazing new pot roast recipe that we will for sure be making more often
  • Physical Activity Daily- uhh. not so done. I did better about it, but did not meet my goal
  • Go on an Adventure- I definitely did! We were gone for 3 weeks in Utah and I did several things to fill this item in
  • Document Daily- done. I used the Day One app on my phone to journal every day of the month. it was a great way to look at things and I wish I hadn’t slacked off after the month ended.


  • Follow Daily Routine- 75% accomplished. considering I was coming off vacation and just starting the routine, I’m happy with this
  • DO THINGS together- we managed to have at least weekly date nights at home, and this was really good for us this month
  • Cut grocery budget- done. I even managed to go 10 days without buying anything at the store other than a gallon of milk and some fruit and veggies!
  • Believe in Hope- undecided. lets just leave it as that.


  • Photo a Day
  • Couch to 5K
  • Organize Office
  • Stick to the Menu

Let’s see how March goes! I’ll talk more about my goals in the future 🙂

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