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CHOOSE | One Little Word 2015

(obviously I suck at this blogging thing. not even going to bother to apologize. this is for me, not everyone else. maybe one of these years I will be better, but I really don’t even care right now because there are more important things in life)

For the last few years I have taken Ali Edwards One Little Word class. It’s been a great journey for me each year and I’ve truly enjoyed it. Beyond my own word, watching others on their journey has helped me as well. I didn’t plan on doing OLW 2015. I was having a hard time even finding a word. I wondered if maybe I needed to take some time away to be able to appreciate things again.

For a while I have been browsing pinterest for quotes. I have a quote board, but I was specifically seeking quotes for various words for this year, in hopes that I would find one of them that would resonate with me. Nothing. But then I started looking at all the quotes I had pinned, and one word kept jumping out at me from the other various things: CHOOSE. Even when I have been pinning quotes on adventure, love, happiness, work, create- the word choose had factored strongly in them. Suddenly, I knew me word.

So 2015, here’s what I have to say to you.


embrace the unexpected

live within my means

be optimistic rather than pessimistic

go to the gym instead of watching tv

grab my big camera more often

show those I love how much they mean to me

beat at least one lego video game 100% on my own

allow myself the option of moving on to a new chapter

balance my time better

forgive myself for messing up

live imperfectly

share authentically

focus on projects

be true to who I want to be

seek wisdom from those who know

listen but not judge

push myself to try new things

make time for what I truly want

organize my priorities

have more date nights with my husband

break my sugar addiction

take time (and budget) to pamper myself



So 2015, you are full of decisions, changes, challenges, and more, I choose to embrace you fully- I CHOOSE to live this year positively. I’ve made myself some funny little cards(well, at least they make ME laugh) to use throughout the year. I can write things on there as I go and my hope is by the end of the year my bulletin board is full of things I have CHOSEN to do and done.




(I won’t be sharing a ton publicly about my journey with my word. I may share some, but this is a deeply personal project. If you do end up joining the class, and I highly recommend it, please keep anything from the class private.)

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