Year In Review

Our Year in Photos and Words | 2014 – part one

In December 2013, I became hooked on an app called “Collect” that was available for iPhone. The concept was simple- one photo a day, with up to 144 characters note, and it reminded you to add one. With daily reminders, I have managed to capture even more snippets of everyday life. This doesn’t show our entire year, but it gives a fun summary of the day to day.

01 January

January 2014- Just returned from a trip to Arizona with my mom, who had spent 48 hrs running 100K for a race. Went to Cattleman’s, Carlsbad Caverns, etc., plus lots of game nights, helping her with her album, and eating out. Finally finished my epic quilt top(that is still not 100% a finished quilt a year later, oops). Lots of kitty cuddles, wrapped up Project Life albums 2013, got some really bad news about our rental situation, and went to an Army Ball.

02 February

February 2014- Game nights with friends, a leaky ceiling that our landlord never fixed, homemade soup, get together with the Scrap Pack, date nights at nice restaurants, joining a Bunco group, OLYMPICS obsessed, more silly kitties, upgrading to the XBOX One and a new Lego game, cheering on a friend at the El Paso Marathon, finally having nails long enough to paint after biting them for years, and tormenting the kitties with their yearly vet visit.

03 March

March 2014- Takeout date nights, watching the Oscars, gorgeous sunsets, gold ALL THE THINGS, new scrapbook layouts printed, more homemade soup, teaching friends kids to quilt, St Patrick’s Day, silly kitties, heirloom projects, discovering the tastiness of a Cookie Dough Sonic Blast, starting on felt Christmas stockings, first car wash day of the ‘summer’ season, and playing pokemon on google maps thanks to April Fool’s Day.

04 April


April 2014- Homemade all the things, bought tickets to Utah for my brother’s college graduation, dust storms, silly kitties, Jer hurts his back, teaching the cats the joy of a gold ball, and more homemade all the things.05 May

May 2014- Utah trip for my brother’s graduation, lots of fun family time, a niece’s birthday, game nights with friends, Ant-mageddon 2014 pt 1 occurs, pedicures for days, enjoying a friend’s pool, lots of gym time, and summer celebrations before the heat kicks in too badly.

06 June

June 2014- defurminateing the cats, grocery trips, hospital visits, starting packing for the upcoming move, Lego Movie comes out, more packing, more packing, kitty antics, Antmageddon pt 2, homemade all the things, and the last order I will ever get from Two Peas.


Part two will go live tomorrow 🙂


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