Year In Review

Our Year in Photos and Words | 2014 – part two

In case you missed it, part one is here

07 July

July 2014- Dust storms, Jer sees ortho FINALLY and is told surgery is needed, hello monsoon season, we sign a lease on a new place, lots of rain, moving moving moving, more rain, happy birthday to me!, groceries, silly cats, silhouette projects, and our new pool.

08 AugustAugust 2014- pool days, silly cats, rain at the new house, surprise! we are in Utah, eating our way around Utah, lots and lots of family time, Happy Birthday Jeremy!, Ikea- oh how we love thee, heading back to Texas, and a long distance Harry Potter marathon with family.


09 SeptemberSeptember 2014- crazy kitties, lots of sunshine, back to working on the stocking project, fall food arrives, RAIN!, we joined the world of the Keurig obsessed, built ikea furniture, Happy Anniversary to us!


10 October

October 2014- Payday Activities means dress uniform, date nights, silly cats, pre op appointments, operation day, Jer finally has his neck fixed, sleeping on a broken air mattress, working on a new quilt, date nights, last pool day of the season, post op!


11 November

November 2014- Gas prices drop, nights out with the scrap pack, food truck lunches, quilt time!, sewing sewing sewing, Jer teaches some friends kids how to play minecraft, project prep for Christmas, pomegranate season yum, family in town for thanksgiving, lots of good eats, and Christmas stuff starts moving into the house!


12 DecemberDecember 2014- Christmas is here, new traditions with friends, scary days at the hospital when Jeremy is diagnosed with a DVT(spoiler alert, he’s stable and doing well), finally got the quilt quilted, now to add the binding, Christmas traditions, Merry Christmas, it SNOWED!!!!!!!!!!! in El Paso, working on a new stitching project, road trip to Arizona for mom’s 72 hr race, and she earns her buckle.


It’s amazing to look back at these 365 photos and see our year. I see the things not shown, the ones that mean differently now than when I added them, and the ones that I wish I had captured.


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