Housekeeping and moving forward

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure what the space would be. I mostly started it just to have something out there. It’s never been highly active, and it’s always been a bit random- but the random really is fairly accurate for me.

Over the last few months I’ve really felt the call to get active at blogging again. No idea what active will truly mean, but I think I have found what my niche will mostly be going forward:


This probably doesn’t surprise anyone who follows me on instagram, or even sees my posts on facebook. Quilting has fed my soul so much in the last few years and over the last few months I have felt like I am truly at home in the quilting community.

I don’t plan to only post quilting related posts, but that will be my focus for sure. I want to better document my quilting adventures and have somewhere to share more of the stories behind my projects going forward. I’m still scrapbooking, still baking, still doing photography, and so much more- but it’s time to move forward and find my focus when it comes to this blog.


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