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A Handmade Christmas- the overview

For years I have been an avid crafter, but never one that translated into gifts that could easily be made for others. In 2014 I did a semi-homemade Christmas  with making photo albums for others, etc. but I had big dreams for 2015 with a fully handmade Christmas.

And then, life happened. My plans had been to start in the summer, but finding out early in the year that we would be moving over the summer made me move that deadline. Instead, I started in September. At that point, I had planned to make 6 handmade quilts and mini quilts as gifts. One for each of my parents, one for each of my parents-in-law, one for my brother, and one for my husband. I debated making one for the sibling gift exchange on my husband’s side of the family but I wasn’t sure if I would have time so didn’t commit to it.

I quickly decided on an idea for one quilt, and gathered ideas for others. I made Jeremy go fabric shopping with me to help pick out fabric for his parents and from there I picked a design for their quilts.

The next week I got a job, and two weeks after starting, I switched departments and went from working 13 hours a week to 32 hours a week. I had to decide which gifts to focus on for 2015 and which to let slide until next year.

After some thinking, I decided to stick with just quilts for the parents- this was a fairly easy decision because two were already done, one was in progress, and the 4th was unstarted but I had most of the supplies for. Since I had no idea what to make for my brother and couldn’t find the perfect idea for Jeremy, I decided to let those two go instead. While I couldn’t make all the gifts, I could make most and make them count.

Today, I’m just going to show you the 4 quilts I made this year- two lap quilts, two wall quilts. Over the next few weeks I plan to write separate posts on the quilts with things I learned, more specific details, and things I would change if I did them again.

Quilts #1 & 2- the in-law quilts.

When we found out my in-laws would be visiting us in October, we decided to give them their Christmas gifts early. I love seeing the reactions people have to their gifts and this was one way we could see that. The quilts use the same design but in different colorways for very different feelings.



Quilt #3- my dad’s quilt

This was the very first design that I KNEW I had to make. I’d seen a post on instagram earlier in the summer from @crafty_geeks of an epic Star Trek quilt that was EPP and knew it had to be for him. I bought the pattern and then went on an adventure trying to find exactly the right shades of grey. I’ll talk about that more in it’s individual post.



Quilt #4- my mom’s quilt

For me, this was the hardest one to decide, mostly because I had SO MANY ideas for her. In the end, I decided to go with one of our shared loves- Harry Potter- mostly because of all the memories I have from childhood of my mom reading us a chapter every night before bed from the first book, taking us to midnight release parties at Barnes & Noble for several of the books, etc.



I can’t wait to share further details with you over the coming weeks and talk a little bit more about my quilting plans in 2016.



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