One Litttle Word

One Little Word 2016- MORE

For nearly a decade now, I have chosen a word to focus on each year. This word is a guide for the year and helps me with my goals throughout the year. I’ve taken the OLW class from Ali Edwards for several years now but have decided to not take it in 2016, and instead focus on my word by myself.

Some years, I struggle to choose a word, and other years the word finds me. I started thinking in late November as to what I wanted my word for 2016 to be and wasn’t sure what I wanted to choose. I had several ideas in mind, but this one kept popping up and giving me ideas. Therefore, the word for 2016 is MORE.

This year, I want to do so much more.

MORE healthy choices

MORE dinners on the porch

MORE time without technology

MORE quilting and sewing

MORE learning

MORE date nights

MORE blogging

MORE pictures taken with my big camera

MORE time to think

MORE time used wisely

MORE handmade gifts

MORE saving and spending wisely

MORE of so much….

This is just the beginning of my word. I’m hoping to share periodic updates of how things are going with my word this year but don’t expect too much. It’s such a personal journey and I find I do best just focusing on the word and some small goals with it every month. Overall, I’m just looking for my word to improve my year, not go too crazy.


So here’s to starting 2016 off right, and adventures to come this year with my word.


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