usHello there, I’m Jennifer, and I’m a 20-something military wife, happily married to the love of her life for over 9 years now. Thanks to the military, we move every few years, and have a new chance to call somewhere else home. Since our marriage, we have spent 3 years near Naples, Italy, 3 years near Savannah, GA, almost 3 years in El Paso, TX, and now we are back near Savannah once more.

I’m a creative soul at heart, and one of my passions is digital scrapbooking. The mix of technology and creativity is perfect for me. I’ve been crafting in various forms since I was a small child and am happiest when I have a few dozen different projects going on at once. In 2013, I decided I wanted to attempt my first real quilt in a decade. It took a lot of patience, but in 2014 it finally became a complete top, and in early 2015 it was completely finished. Since then the quilting bug has hit me full force and I am obsessed with all things fabric. It’s a perfect tactile project for me and I’m enjoying learning new techniques and finding inspiration everywhere. I also crochet, embroider, sew other non quilt things, play video games, cook, bake, and love photography(but I don’t want to ever start a business).

I have two adorable, highly silly, lovable, fluffy kittens. Maggie and Ozzie are a big part of our life and keep us amused. I have two great stepkids, but so far infertility has kept us from adding more to our family.

I’m an incredibly messy work in progress. I am always changing, always learning. I am far from perfect. I am just me.




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