Hi Swap Partner

Hi Partner!

You’ve probably come looking for this page because you want to know more about me and my quilting likes and dislikes. I can’t promise to keep this completely up to date, but I’ll do my best to update it whenever I sign up for a new swap.

Just to introduce myself-

My name is Jennifer, happily married to Jeremy for over 9 years now. Currently we live in coastal Georgia, courtesy of the Army. In our 9 years of marriage, we’ve lived in 6 houses spread out between Italy(Naples area), Texas(El Paso), and Georgia(Savannah area). We have two cats currently, Maggie and Ozzie, and they insist on quality checking every piece of fabric and sewing project in this house. Together, we have not had any children yet after a long battle with infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, but we have been blessed in many other ways.

I consider myself a novice to intermediate quilter, and am not afraid to try almost any new skill. I tend to dive in headfirst and then fall in love with a technique. I first learned to quilt as a child, when my mom and aunt took on the task of replicating a family heirloom quilt. After that, we joined quilt block of the month clubs at local quilt stores, and then in high school I took an advanced sewing class and completed my first actual quilt- an around the world on point quilt in twin size. Then, life got in the way, and I didn’t make a single quilt for over 5 years. Then in late 2012 and into early 2013, a fat quarter bundle I saw at a craft store stole my heart and I knew I needed to make a quilt again. It took me nearly two years, but I designed and completed a king size bed quilt that stole my heart. From there, I haven’t stopped. I went to making baby quilts as gifts and then moved on from there. I love paper piecing- both foundation piecing and english paper piecing. So far I haven’t been brave enough to attempt curves, but that is on my list to learn in early 2016.

When it comes to colors, I love BOLD saturated colors in a rainbow of hues. It doesn’t need to be a literal rainbow, but I love them all and it makes me happy. Deep greys, rich turquoises and teals, magentas and fuschias are all amongst colors I love solo as well. Orange and yellow are my least favorites solo, but I love to see them mixed and balanced with others. I tend to love geometric designs, tonal patterns, elegant florals, but things with a relaxed feel.

There are very few things I have found so far that go on my dislike list, but here they are just so you know:
Calicos, reproduction fabrics, civil war prints, kaffe fassett fabrics, and feedsack prints. I love to see how other people can make these designs and fabrics work, they just aren’t my personal style.

Please make me something you love. I’ll try to always post a mosaic of things that inspire me, but take it just as that- inspiration. I want a mini that you love to make, and know that I will enjoy it on my wall as well.

I love seeing what you choose as extras, but I am not picky at all. The only request I have is for a postcard from your town. I love seeing glimpses of the world through postcards and include each one I receive into a special album I keep with pics of my swap items.

I’m a pretty active instagram user and that is the easiest way to get to know me more, but feel free to stalk me on pinterest as well if you want. I have several quilting inspiration boards, along with a lot of other random stuff that catches my attention.

Thank you for taking the time to create for me. I can’t wait to see what you make for me and am thrilled to participate in this swap with you!