One Little Word 2014: CREATE

I first heard about One Little Word way back in 2007. I’d just started scrapbooking and it fascinated and terrified me. I loosely picked my first word in 2008, and fell in love with the concept, but struggled to make it work for me.

In 2012, I decided I wanted to fully embrace my word finally and signed up for Ali Edward’s One Little Word class through Big Picture Classes. I was finally able to follow through on my word and felt like I held onto it all year long.

I took the class again in 2013, and this year picked a tougher word- Challenge. It resonated with me all year, and stayed with me, but I kept feeling like it was too much. I was sure I wasn’t going to participate in the class, much less choose a word for 2014.

All December long, I’ve struggled with my focus for 2014. I’ve not been sure what I wanted to do creatively, what I wanted to do for scrapping, what I wanted in general. A few words kept hovering in my mind, nagging at me and pushing me. I finally caved and signed up for OLW and accepted my word for 2014: CREATE.

I posted this in the OLW group, and I’m sharing it here on my blog to explain my OLW for this year:

I’ve had years where the words pick me weeks in advance. years where I haven’t found a word until long after the year started. and years where I have a bunch of words, fighting to make themselves mine- this was definitely one of those. But create has settled into my heart and mind today, so 2014, CREATE what you wish for me. Create energy, create love, create magic, create art, create health, create passion, create time, create whatever the year is meant to be.


I don’t know how much I am going to share about my word. This has become such a deeply personal project for me and it’s hard for me to put too much out there, but I’m hoping to share something monthly in regards to my word. I invite you to join the class as well, and share your One Little Word with the world


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